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Getting and Maintaining a DRYA PHRF Handicap

(Information & links below were accurate as of February 2011)

This process is documented to help you complete the many documents needed to obtain a DRYA PHRF Rating with the least inconvenience. The requirements for a DRYA PHRF Rating have been developed over the years by many sailors with the intent of covering all information in a systematic way.
Call the DRYA Office (586-778-1000) with any clarification you might need. 

  1. Every new owner of a boat needs to go through this process so DRYA can confirm rig and sail measurements.
    1. All forms needed for a PHRF Handicap are on this web site.
  2. Read the current DRYA PHRF rules posted on the website.
  3. Complete DRYA Application (pg 1) form for the current year and send it along with a check to the DRYA Office.
    1. Rig and sail data on shall be provided on the DRYA PHRF Handicap (pg 2) form. The yacht design as described by USSA PHRF is critical information. An example is Catalina 27, Tall Mast, Inboard, Shoal Draft. If you need help with this information contact your local sail maker.
  4. Contact a DRYA Measurer to complete the DRYA PHRF Handicap form. Measurer's are listed on the web site.
    1. Rig Design data comes from USSA PHRF Handicappers info and can be omitted if unknown. All other information on the DRYA PHRF Handicapping form is needed.
    2. DRYA Measurements are required to verify One Design configurations.
  5. Complete the appropriate annual forms for credits (Roller Furling Gib & Furling Main & Props) and send them to the DRYA Office.
    1. All credits must be requested annually since configurations and credit rules may change.
  6. Obtaining a USSA sail number is recommended.
    1. A link on the DRYA web site explains how to do it.
  7. All yacht data must be reaffirmed by the owner annually as a part of the DRYA registration.
  8. Configuration changes such as rig and hull modifications and new sails void a DRYA PHRF Handicap. Written/email notification of rig and hull modifications and sail maker Sail Certificates for new sails must be provided to the DRYA office so a current valid DRYA PHRF Certificate can be issued.
  9. The current DRYA PHRF certificate and all supporting Sail Certificates should be carried on the yacht while racing with the DRYA rating.

Should you only want to race a couple of Jib & Main DRYA races you can apply for a Provisional JAM rating which is very quick & easy.

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